“Inspired by a true story, Joseph and Marie Charpentier overcome severe calumny and violent persecution in 19th century Paris after wild jealousy and misunderstanding of charitable motives become weapons with which to assault their innocence, and those whom they love and wish to aid the most become allies in favor of their destruction.”

““The Saints of the Rue Scribe” is a historical drama based upon the 2012 Angel Katherine Taormina novel of the same title and will be presented by Angel Katherine Taormina's Rose Room Productions. It is a raw foray into realism and bold storytelling. It offers the opportunities for an enticing landscape of one of the most stark, yet grand, periods in history, a backdrop of some of the greatest music ever composed, location filming in the largely unaltered Paris of today, a wide array of possible wardrobe selections, live opera, the charm and beauty of architectural masterpieces, and an intense dramatic tale that can inspire audiences to fall in love. “Saints” is the story of two unlikely heroes who conquer the peril around them by a strength that can only come from the deepest places of the heart. Like the novel, the film is a 19th century drama centered upon two consecrated perpetual virgins seeking to be married, Joseph and Marie- one a carpenter, the other an opera actress- who spend their days aiding war victims, reconciling Parisians to the Faith, and offering assistance to those in need, including such family and friends as Giulia, Joseph's niece, Ninette, a prostitute prima ballerina, and Manon, a former baroness.

Both innocents born into criminal families, they are persecuted and pursued by family, friends, and enemies alike who mistrust their purity and would prefer to take advantage of their gentle hearts and their charity. In a whirlwind of events just before their marriage is about to take place, Joseph is accused in a desperate soul's crime wave against his own family which, in turn, is further construed into a crime wave against the city, involving Marie, in retaliation for a scandal that supposedly existed because of Marie's mother, Lucia's, late husband. To make matters worse, Renaud, a man from a formerly aristocratic family is using the last of his perceived wealth in attempt to manipulate Paris to put his family back into power. Desiring to usurp his brother, William, he attempts to use the so- called “scandal” to further his plans, trick his other brother, Robert, and Joseph's closest friend, Cyrus, into thinking ill of Joseph and Marie, style himself a hero of the city, and take his revenge on Marie who, to him, represents everything he couldn't have and every rejection he had ever faced. As Joseph and Marie go about their work and plan their wedding, Renaud is planning their deaths, and something highly unexpected happens in an unexpected place...”